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Hello Sic Crafters

Popalopsy a posted Sep 10, 12
As you may well know we have been playing tekkit more than regular minecraft and because of sports rarely have time to play. myself getting home at 7:30 every night and sometimes later as well as the adminds getting home at 6-8 the server will be online as much as possible so hang tight and il keep you updated!
Sorry that the server hasnt been online as much as usual recently but i assure you i have been keeping busy, I am starting creation of a game myself and writing a song! But, We will be going back online as soon as i get 3 active people that want to play Skyblock just PM me and we will get going on a seperate server!

Asking Alexandria

Popalopsy a posted Mar 26, 12
Reece_Franzen I love this song it is almost better than slipknot but i like slipknot better

Psychosocial Baby

Popalopsy a posted Mar 26, 12      Note: has the BTW mod on so the things in the floor and in the kitchen are trashcans the waterwheel in the attic is generating electricity
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